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Indigenous stuff

Great pix.
(APY stands for Anangu Pitjatjantjara Yankunytjatjara)

I looked those pictures up because I saw the front page of the Oz down at the newsagent earlier. The first one looked spectacular spread over half the front page of a broadsheet. Then I was browsing around and found a story about an "uncontacted" tribe in the Amazon forest, in the province of Acre near the Peruvian border. The Brazilian Indian Affairs people fly over, rather than make actual contact so that the people's lives won't be disrupted. They have released pictures, of people (wearing vegetable-based skin paint) attacking their plane with arrows and spears, in order to convince "certain people" that the tribes actually exist and are threatened by the logging of the forest.

Things look grim however. Further googling led me to these maps of the province in question:
Acre province in 1996 (green = forest, red = deforestation, beige = no forest). The red bits track the road across the top of the province, and then the rivers southwards.

Four years later: Acre province in 2000

Projection of Acre province in 2030 - in this case light green = logged, red = burned, orange = deforested, beige = no forest). The projection is based on existing land use - it doesn't take into account the effects of other influences on the Amazon forest, like Arctic melting.

The source is: Economic development and forest fragmentation in the Brazilian Amazon from 1986 to 2000' by Claudio B.A. Bohrer, Marcia C.S. Mello, Simone R. Freitas, Alex Pfaff, Eustaquio J. Reis

In fact by 2030 the projections were for a few large islands of forest to remain, mainly north of the Amazon river. Where will those people be by then?
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